Our brand new service, Prete-prete was featured on The Nikkei MJ (marketing journal). The article talks about the trend of capturing and preserving memories with your children as 3D keepsakes.

The Nikkei MJ is one of 5 Nikkei publications which casts a spotlight on the Japanese consumer economy and covers lifestyles, consumption patterns and service industries. We were interviewed for the article and our CEO Ejovi talked about the time when he came up with the idea. That was when his daughter made drawing of her mother for the first time. He realized it would be a good lesson for children to understand how ideas can become real. “The moment your child sees their art become real, it’s a life changing event. Their understanding of the things around them changes and from that moment on, they want to create all the time!” One of our customers talked to the reporter about her Prete-prete experience, too.

Nikkei MJ 15th Feb 460x325 Prete prete was featured on Nikkei MJ

Visit our website or facebook page for more details on Prete-prete.

SocialFlow has become part of Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) program, qualifying for a badge in the Ads category for Crescendo, Attention Buying Platform.
The Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Program recognizes companies that have developed technologies in one or more of the following specialty areas: Page management solutions, ads management solutions, services and platforms for building socially enabled integrations, and/or tools for Page Insights analysis. You can see the press release here.

SocialFlow’s focus is always on creating products that help every brand, advertiser, marketer, publisher and social media team connect their paid, owned and earned social media strategies to achieve their business goals. Crescendo is one of the full suite of tools SocialFlow offers that provides clients with real-time knowledge of activity and conversations in the social network, enabling them to execute crucial marketing decisions at the moment it matters most.

LRG launched a brand new service called Prete-prete where we make your children’s art real. Our products are all made and sewed in Japan.

We will receive a image file from users on the website and then translate the drawing’s small details into reality by using colour, stitches and other embellishments. Our goal is to make each character as unique as the child who drew it. Before we ship the order, we will send parents a photo of our final draft for them to review. After confirming the order, it will take 2-4 weeks for production and shipping.

PreteExample 270x180 LRG launched Prete prete!

This project is part of our effort to incubate and market a new service every quarter using the marketing tools we recommend to clients.

Visit our website or facebook page for more details.

We’ve been handling support and sales of SocialFlow’s Optimized Publisher in Japan on behalf of SocialFlow based in NY for almost 6 months now. Today SocialFlow HQ announced their new marketing application called Crescendo.
This ad tool is designed to help brands buy ads at the cheapest price on Facebook and Twitter by monitoring the changing conversations and actions of fans in real-time.
  SocialFlow Optimized Publisher, the product that many of Japanese brands and media companies are using now is being renamed to Cadence. As you know Cadence focuses on optimizing the timing of posting content to Facebook and Twitter based on the discussions of your followers and data gathered from the Twitter Firehouse and Full API access on Facebook (not limited to Advertising API).

Now, with Crescendo, SocialFlow can use its optimization engine to buy up the right keywords for Facebook ads that reflect what their most engaged fans are talking about and sharing at the moment. So instead of buying against larger buckets of expensive keywords, SocialFlow can pick off terms that are being discussed in real time and then buy them for less money.

This is important because as popular topics emerge which can drive up the cost of certain words, Crescendo can move on to the next set of keywords as it anticipates the flow of attention. The dashboard will show users how much their spending is worth in terms of cost per clicks, cost per likes and other metrics.

Crescendo was launched in the USA this week and we expect to launch the product in Japan in two or three months. We look forward to working with all of our customers and partners to take advantage of this new tool domestically in Japan.

Here are links to articles in English on the product:

An international non-governmental organization, Human Rights Watch started to use SocialFlow’s cadence to extract value out of existing content and to determine what yields interactions such as clicks and RTs. Over the last 6 months, they experienced 500% growth in clicks.
For over 30 years, Human Rights Watch (@hrw) has fulfilled a vital role calling attention to abuses and oppression in countless regions around the globe. Roughly a year ago, when Human Rights Watch was ready to ramp up their social media presence, they turned to SocialFlow, hoping that optimized publishing would help their fledgling efforts on Twitter gain rapid momentum.

In their efforts to defend and protect human rights worldwide, Human Rights Watch produces over 100 reports and approximately 800 press releases annually. When it came time to develop a social media plan, “we wanted to wait for the space to mature a bit before we jumped in,” Enrique Piraces, Senior Online Strategist said of the organization’s attitude toward determining how tools like Facebook and Twitter would complement existing efforts. They felt that SocialFlow was the right tool to help them parcel out a rich store of content.

Human Rights Watch implemented SocialFlow to extract value out of their existing content and to garner more visibility for their efforts among the public and the press. Intelligence drawn from SocialFlow’s Insight and Analytics Dashboard has helped Mr. Piraces identify what sorts of phrasing works best to yield clicks and Retweets. “For instance, we know that quotes tend to perform better than anything else,” he said. Further, the minimal effort involved in branching off new accounts also allows for a vital “proving ground” for new initiatives and brand extensions, such as accounts in French and Spanish.

The Results
Using SocialFlow to dispatch news and eyewitness accounts from the ground during uprisings in Bahrain, Syria, Egypt and Libya, Human Rights Watch saw their number of clicks grow 500% over between September of 2010 and February
of 2011. Further, “It was very low effort,” Mr. Piraces said of setting up content feeds into SocialFlow. “We didn’t have to hire a social media manager.” Though he values the volume of followers and traffic that using SocialFlow has yielded, Mr. Piraces has a very specific target in mind when using Twitter. “[SocialFlow] helps us to get our message in front of people who can influence media.”

The Wall Street Journal approached SocialFlow to increase their referrals to their website and to improve their social presence on Twitter and Facebook. The results include 40% lift in referrals and Twitter followers gain by 19%.

The Wall Street Journal came to SocialFlow for three main reasons. First, they were looking for an increase in referrals to their website. Second, they were looking for a collaborative workflow solution that would enable their geographically dispersed teams to work closely together despite the differences in location. Finally, they were interested in improving their social presence on Twitter and Facebook.


The Wall Street Journal began utilizing Cadence, SocialFlow’s Optimized Publisher Tool for optimizing and publishing their content.


The Wall Street Journal has experienced a 40% lift in referral traffic to their website and increased Twitter followers by 19% and Facebook fans by 7% over the past four month. They’ve also benefited by using the tool in all their different locations to help their teams’ daily workflow efficiency.

Pepsi,a SocialFlow Cadence customer, today announced a new global campaign that integrates social media with pop culture, called Pepsi Pulse. Using SocialFlow’s Attention Score technology and data, it surfaces pop culture content that is currently trending among Facebook and Twitter’s trending terms and audience.
Pepsico uses SocialFlow Cadence to publish content to Twitter and Facebook. Their goals are to earn maximum exposure and engagement on its content, that result in referral traffic, shares, RTs, comments, Likes and new followers. Prior to using SocialFlow, Pepsi was manually gathering and scheduling content based on a content calendar and had to gather performance data from multiple data sources. Additionally, Pepsi approached SocialFlow to utilize it’s Attention Scoring technology to curate the position and appearances of content on Pepsi Pulse (


Pepsi deployed Cadence to publish its content to Twitter and Facebook for its Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Max and Mountain Dew brands. Both their internal and agency teams were trained and used Cadence for all of their content, choosing to Optimize all Tweets and Facebook posts. Using Cadence’s real-time analytics and reporting data, Pepsi was able to fine tune its content strategy on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
pepsipulse 179x180 Pepsi Uses SocialFlow Technology and Data
For Pepsi Pulse, SocialFlow worked with Pepsi and its digital agency, Organic, to design a system that would score Pepsi’s curated content in real-time against a large audience on Twitter that was interested in all things pop-culture. The system included the ability to ingest a feed of content and deliver ranked results in real-time that are displayed on


Pepsi saw an immediate increase across the board on major engagement KPIs, including referral traffic on links shared to marketing programs and content, and follower growth. The team was able to identify a correlation between Pepsi’s TV advertising and social conversation, which enables them to develop some cohesive messaging campaigns during major events.

Additionally, Pepsi Pulse has been deployed globally and will be releasing v2.0 in Q1 2013, deploying SocialFlow’s Attention Scoring technology in various markets.

Grew audience to their home page by 603% in less than a year.

Based on the content license agreement signed between NHK Educational on November 1st, LandRushGroup released NHK radio content on its premier social e-learning platform, GatherAt Learning Network.
The first content we chose to release on GatherAt is NHK radio program “Everyday Chinese”, originally aired from April to September 2009. We re-structured this popular program into an easy-to-learn online 6 months program. As you see texts on your browsers, audio automatically starts and you can practice your Chinese conversational skills everyday no matter where you are. We offer the course for 980 yen per month now as a trial campaign. Please follow the link to see more details. Everyday Chinese
We’ve been offering e-learning contents focused on English conversational lesson and TOEIC® preparation. Now it’s time to expand our platform with more varieties in contents. Following Chinese, we plan to launch Korean course also based on the NHK radio program next month.

Ejovi started a weekly column about tech business, American tech trend and security on a Japanese paper, Fuji Sankei Business i.

You can check his articles (in Japanese) on SankeiBiz website. Please follow the link below.
July 25th, “Can Quora survive?”
Aug 1st, “You can be a hotel too, with airbnb.”
Aug 8th, “The Global threat of cyber espionage: hackers eyeing Japan”
Aug 22nd, “A Peek into Groupon”
Aug 29th, “Playing games with Zynga”
Sep 5th, “Dropbox takes cloud mainstream”
Sep 19th, “For Apple, Cash is Power”
Sep 26th, “facebook becomes more FRICTIONLESS”
Oct 3rd, “Amazon’s Fire needs content to burn”
Oct 10th, “Incubation funds, where giants are born”
Oct 17th, “Byliner reinvents book publishing”

  1. Are you outgoing?
  2. Do love hanging out and meeting new people?
  3. Do your friends consider you to be the most “popular” among them?

If so, we want you! No experience necessary, but a open mind and willingness to learn.

Join us as a partnership manager!

The partnership manager is responsible for acquiring new content and marketing partners. In this role you will work with our Operations team to ensure we are delivering what we promised to our partner. Communication skills are important, you are expected to bridge the communication between the Operations team to manage the fast roll-out and deployment of new partnerships. Once a partnership is established you are responsible for ensuring that our partners are benefiting from new marketing techniques we develop to increase acquisitions per month. You will work with content partners and identify new markets and decide on pricing for those markets. This position is reports to the Director of Marketing.

Accountable for:

  • Increasing the number of partnerships signed per month
  • Increasing the amount of clients signed per partner
  • Decreasing the time to market for new partners

Language Requirements: Japanese Fluent / English Conversational

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