Partnership Manager

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  1. Are you outgoing?
  2. Do love hanging out and meeting new people?
  3. Do your friends consider you to be the most “popular” among them?

  1. あなたは社交的ですか?
  2. 外に出かけ、人と出会うのが好きですか?
  3. 友達には、仲間内で「一番の人気者」だと思われていますか?

If so, we want you! No experience necessary, but a open mind and willingness to learn.

Join us as a partnership manager!

The partnership manager is responsible for acquiring new content and marketing partners. In this role you will work with our Operations team to ensure we are delivering what we promised to our partner. Communication skills are important, you are expected to bridge the communication between the Operations team to manage the fast roll-out and deployment of new partnerships. Once a partnership is established you are responsible for ensuring that our partners are benefiting from new marketing techniques we develop to increase acquisitions per month. You will work with content partners and identify new markets and decide on pricing for those markets. This position is reports to the Director of Marketing.

Accountable for:

  • Increasing the number of partnerships signed per month
  • Increasing the amount of clients signed per partner
  • Decreasing the time to market for new partners

Language Requirements: Japanese Fluent / English Conversational

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  • 月ごとの契約パートナーシップ数の増加
  • パートナー企業ごとの登録顧客数の増加
  • 新規パートナー企業のマーケティングにかける時間の短縮

使用言語条件: 日本語 ― 流暢 / 英語 ― 日常会話程度

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