NHK radio content launched on Gatherat Learning Network

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Based on the content license agreement signed between NHK Educational on November 1st, LandRushGroup released NHK radio content on its premier social e-learning platform, GatherAt Learning Network. ランドラッシュグループは、平成23年11月1日付で、NHKエデュケーショナルと「コンテンツ・ライセンス契約」を結び、NHKの語学ラジオ番組テキスト及びCDを基にしたコンテンツを、当社の運営するeラーニング会員サイト「GatherAtラーニングネットワーク」上でオンライン版として提供開始しました。
The first content we chose to release on GatherAt is NHK radio program “Everyday Chinese”, originally aired from April to September 2009. We re-structured this popular program into an easy-to-learn online 6 months program. As you see texts on your browsers, audio automatically starts and you can practice your Chinese conversational skills everyday no matter where you are. We offer the course for 980 yen per month now as a trial campaign. Please follow the link to see more details. Everyday Chinese
We’ve been offering e-learning contents focused on English conversational lesson and TOEIC® preparation. Now it’s time to expand our platform with more varieties in contents. Following Chinese, we plan to launch Korean course also based on the NHK radio program next month.