Pepsi Uses SocialFlow Technology and Data

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Pepsi,a SocialFlow Cadence customer, today announced a new global campaign that integrates social media with pop culture, called Pepsi Pulse. Using SocialFlow’s Attention Score technology and data, it surfaces pop culture content that is currently trending among Facebook and Twitter’s trending terms and audience. 以前からSocialFlow(ソーシャルフロー)のケイデンスをご利用頂いているペプシコは、本日、同社の「ペプシ・パルス」のキャンペーンとして、ソーシャルフロー社のアテンションスコアの技術を用いたポップカルチャーに関するリアルタイムランキングシステムをホームページ上でリリースしました。APIによってアテンションスコアの技術を利用するケースとして詳細をご覧ください。
Pepsico uses SocialFlow Cadence to publish content to Twitter and Facebook. Their goals are to earn maximum exposure and engagement on its content, that result in referral traffic, shares, RTs, comments, Likes and new followers. Prior to using SocialFlow, Pepsi was manually gathering and scheduling content based on a content calendar and had to gather performance data from multiple data sources. Additionally, Pepsi approached SocialFlow to utilize it’s Attention Scoring technology to curate the position and appearances of content on Pepsi Pulse (


Pepsi deployed Cadence to publish its content to Twitter and Facebook for its Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Max and Mountain Dew brands. Both their internal and agency teams were trained and used Cadence for all of their content, choosing to Optimize all Tweets and Facebook posts. Using Cadence’s real-time analytics and reporting data, Pepsi was able to fine tune its content strategy on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

For Pepsi Pulse, SocialFlow worked with Pepsi and its digital agency, Organic, to design a system that would score Pepsi’s curated content in real-time against a large audience on Twitter that was interested in all things pop-culture. The system included the ability to ingest a feed of content and deliver ranked results in real-time that are displayed on


Pepsi saw an immediate increase across the board on major engagement KPIs, including referral traffic on links shared to marketing programs and content, and follower growth. The team was able to identify a correlation between Pepsi’s TV advertising and social conversation, which enables them to develop some cohesive messaging campaigns during major events.

Additionally, Pepsi Pulse has been deployed globally and will be releasing v2.0 in Q1 2013, deploying SocialFlow’s Attention Scoring technology in various markets.

Grew audience to their home page by 603% in less than a year.