SocialFlow Launched Attention Buying Platform in the US.

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We’ve been handling support and sales of SocialFlow’s Optimized Publisher in Japan on behalf of SocialFlow based in NY for almost 6 months now. Today SocialFlow HQ announced their new marketing application called Crescendo. LRGは、今年に入って米NYのSocialFlow社と合意を結び、日本での製品ローンチを支援し、最適化パブリッシャーの販売交渉、サポート業務を担ってきました。 最適化パブリッシャーに引き続き、本日、NYのソーシャルフロー本社が、新しいマーケティングツール、Crescendo(クレッシェンド)のローンチを発表しました。
This ad tool is designed to help brands buy ads at the cheapest price on Facebook and Twitter by monitoring the changing conversations and actions of fans in real-time.
SocialFlow Optimized Publisher, the product that many of Japanese brands and media companies are using now is being renamed to Cadence. As you know Cadence focuses on optimizing the timing of posting content to Facebook and Twitter based on the discussions of your followers and data gathered from the Twitter Firehouse and Full API access on Facebook (not limited to Advertising API).

Now, with Crescendo, SocialFlow can use its optimization engine to buy up the right keywords for Facebook ads that reflect what their most engaged fans are talking about and sharing at the moment. So instead of buying against larger buckets of expensive keywords, SocialFlow can pick off terms that are being discussed in real time and then buy them for less money.

This is important because as popular topics emerge which can drive up the cost of certain words, Crescendo can move on to the next set of keywords as it anticipates the flow of attention. The dashboard will show users how much their spending is worth in terms of cost per clicks, cost per likes and other metrics.

Crescendo was launched in the USA this week and we expect to launch the product in Japan in two or three months. We look forward to working with all of our customers and partners to take advantage of this new tool domestically in Japan.

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