Prete-prete was featured on Nikkei MJ

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Our brand new service, Prete-prete was featured on The Nikkei MJ (marketing journal). The article talks about the trend of capturing and preserving memories with your children as 3D keepsakes. LRGが昨年末に立ち上げた新サービス、「プリテプリテ」が2月15日付日経MJ紙に掲載されました。子育ての思い出を立体で残そうという流行について書かれた記事の中で、そのトレンドを表すひとつのサービスとして取り上げられています。

The Nikkei MJ is one of 5 Nikkei publications which casts a spotlight on the Japanese consumer economy and covers lifestyles, consumption patterns and service industries. We were interviewed for the article and our CEO Ejovi talked about the time when he came up with the idea. That was when his daughter made drawing of her mother for the first time. He realized it would be a good lesson for children to understand how ideas can become real. “The moment your child sees their art become real, it’s a life changing event. Their understanding of the things around them changes and from that moment on, they want to create all the time!” One of our customers talked to the reporter about her Prete-prete experience, too.

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