Founded in 2008, Land Rush Group is an online marketing company. Our team cooks up innovative marketing and analytics tools that our brand partners use to monetize their content or improve e-commerce sales. These are our chefs:

Ejovi was one of the founders of FON, responsible launching the wireless company in the United States. Prior to starting Land Rush Group Ejovi ran Digital Business Development at Columbia Music Entertainment in Japan.

Ejovi Nuwere
Ejovi Nuwere

Madoka is responsible for project management, communication and translation. Prior to joining Land Rush Group she studied law at Osaka University and Keio SFC. Luckily she realized the internet is cooler.

Madoka Hori
Madoka Hori

Junya is fluent in Ruby, JavaScript, PHP and Perl. Prior to joining Land Rush Group he was an engineer at Yahoo! and also developed various web systems and apps as a freelancer.

Junya Takahashi
Junya Takahashi

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FAX : +81-3-4496-6485
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Japanese Corporate Information

商号 ランドラッシュグループ株式会社
本社 東京都中央区八重洲二丁目11-7 一新ビル8階
設立 2008年6月
資本金 10,000,000円
代表取締役 イジョビ・山本・ヌウェア Ejovi Nuwere

オンラインマーケティング及びサービス企画・開発・提供 米国ベンチャー企業の日本進出支援