At Prete-prete we’ll transform children’s drawing into a real 3D character. All our stuffed creatures are hand made by artisan and craft makers throughout Japan. Users just have to upload a scanned image or a clear photo of their children’s artwork and we’ll translate the drawing’s small details into reality by using color, stitches and other embellishments so that their Prete-prete is packed full of character.

GatherAt Learning Network

GatherAt is an international learning brand built for test preparation and language study. In addition to custom content built for the learning platform content also comes premium partners like NHK in Japan. With content and test preparation materials for several international markets, we plan to expand throughout Asia. The platform is a content monetization engine with advanced sales and analytical tracking functionality built in to increase lifetime customer value.

The Tokyo Times

The Tokyo Times was created in 2009 as a community portal for expatriates living in Tokyo and those interested in Japan. Land Rush Group has been managing this news portal using its social media marketing knowledge and tools. After March 11th earthquake, the editors began delivering the most timely information about the events on the Tokyo Times. Land Rush Group is the same company that managed all the digital operations for The Japan Times from 2008-2010, giving them valuable experience in building and managing online news operations.

Enabling ideas